Bring the spa experience right to your home with our all natural, hand crafted soy candles. Designed to restore balance and reduce stress, they're the perfect way to add a soothing and therapeutic touch to any room.

Our Lavender + Water Poppy soy candle is inspired by backyard gardens, summer nights, and warm tea. The right balance of clean and sweet this candle is perfect for any occasion.

Unlike other candles that sometimes use paraffin wax (a refined gasoline by-product), we use soy wax as it is derived from natural vegetables and is 100% biodegradable. We also use all natural, sustainably produced wood wicks that allow for a better scent throw and a slower burn as opposed to cotton wicks.

Our soy candles are hand crafted in reusable glass jars, 4oz.

Lavender and Water Poppy Candle

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$10.80Sale Price