The Tulsi with Ginger Tea is formulated to relieve stress with a bit of ginger’s sweet undertones. Ginger was used in China for at least 2,000 years as a digestive aid, as well as to relieve nausea, most cultures around the world have acquired fond feelings for ginger—both for its taste and for its soothing properties. Tulsi shares its name with the Hindu Goddess of Good Fortune and is planted around homes to solicit her protection and favors. Also known as “holy basil,” tulsi’s adaptogenic qualities certainly make it easier to adapt to whatever stress comes your way on life’s long road.* And with the addition of ginger’s digestive and warming benefits,* this gentle blend may feel like a real blessing.

  • Personality: Divine, nourishing and vibrant
  • Herbal Power: Helps support a healthy response to stress without slowing you down. A fortifying cup of daily wellness.*
  • Taste: Gentle, floral and earthy with a little touch of spice.

Tulsi is a beloved herb of Ayurveda, traditionally prayed over by women while watering and revered for its all-encompassing, everyday health-promoting properties.* Some tulsi grows in sun-drenched fields of Northwestern India, reaching up to 18 inches high before its leaves are harvested in the fall at their peak of quality. Farmed organically and blended with Fair Trade Certified ginger, this is some of the finest pharmocopoeial-grade tulsi available.

“You Deserve Only the Best.” Traditional Medicinals uses pharmacopoeial grade herbs in each of their teas. That means that their herbs meet the highest standards set for quality, purity, strength, identity and composition. While it is accepted to use food grade herbs in herbal tea products, Traditional Medicinals chooses instead to use the higher pharmacopoeial grade for their enhanced quality. What is a pharmacopoeia? A country's pharmacopoeia is an official guide of quality standards for ingredients used in dietary supplements, as well as over-the-counter and prescription medications.

When it comes to tea, Traditional Medicinals raises the bar. The quality standard of the herbs they use is hard to pronounce, difficult to meet, and it’s what makes them different and better. Pharmacopoeial is  the only quality standard their herbalists can rely on when blending teas for health and wellness.*

Traditional Medicinals Tulsi with Ginger Tea

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